MAKLab’s Wikihouse : Day Two

Day two of MAKLab‘s attempt to create a fully fledged Wikihouse. For most of the team, the day started early, after a late night before it. With one of the portal frames completed and a second on its way, the morning action took place in the Lighthouse’s delivery yard, where the segments could be laid out and lifted upright.


The Gwangju Prototype design that the team are using was designed for an internal exhibition, and includes a ramp to allow visitors to walk around the structure. While MAKLab’s Wikihouse will be sited on busy Buchanan Street, the hope is the same; that the public will take the chance to walk around and see the team’s handy work up close.

With a reasonable amount of jiggery pokery, the first two frames were upright, just in time for the a light smattering of drizzle which forced us to down tools and pull all of the plywood under the shelter of the building.


In the meantime, there remained (and still remains) plenty of sanding down of freshly cut parts. The two sections of ramps, which will sit at either end of the structure, were knocked together and then shifted downstairs to sit with the rest of the skeleton, awaiting assembly.

As I write, display panels are being put together to be placed within the structure. They will explain both MAKLab and the Wikihouse projects to the public, and hopefully draw a bit of footfall along Mitchell Lane. The CNC router is still working flat out to complete the panels for the remaining segments of frame, as well as the coverings.


The day will start early tomorrow, with the hope of having the whole thing in place by the mid-morning. Buchanan Street, right by the entrance to Mitchell Lane is where everything should be happening. If you happen to be passing by, keep an eye out for some bleary-eyed people carrying mallets. As with today, @dncnbn and @theMAKLab will be covering the event with photos and video. I’ve taken a few longer videos of todays work, and will upload those to the Youtube playlist as they become ready. The Flickr set for the event has also grown greatly to include a great deal of action from today. Finally, here is a storify to summarise everything.